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FOCO Custom home exterior build by Brannen Design & Constructoin


Please review the steps involved when building a custom home with Brannen Design and Construction. At the bottom of this page is a link to download a printable version.

If you cannot find an answer to your question please call Jay at (970)988-0238 or Contact Us and we will get back to you with an answer in a timely manner.

Step One

  1. Decide to build a custom home
  2. Choose reputable builder(s) to interview
  3. Choose who to build with
  4. Determine size and budget for home
  5. Establish budget for home and lot
  6. Visit a lender for pre-approval
  7. Tour homes build by Brannen Design & Construction
  8. Tour of available homes and properties
  9. Sign professional service agreement
  10. Select site and sign lot reservation agreement

“With Brannen Design and Construction all the pieces fit, after touring their homes we knew that they were our choice.” – Bob and Sarah Raith

Step Two

  1. Acquire a lending commitment
  2. Initial meeting with architect(s)
  3. Select Architect
  4. Sign contract to design home
  5. Preliminary architectural drawings
  6. Preliminary determination of finishes and allowances
  7. Preliminary pricing based on drawings
  8. Review soils report and design foundation
  9. Final architectural drawings and site plan completed
  10. Plans bid by sub-contractors

“During this time, our home’s final design was near completion. This was our opportunity to have fun with colors, textures, and Brannen’s list of unlimited amenities. We were truly able to customize our home to fit our lifestyle.” – Bob Raith


Step Three

  1. Cost estimate reviewed by Brannen with owner
  2. Revisions/changes to plan or specifications
  3. Revisions to cost estimate
  4. Review of construction loan draw process
  5. Explanation of change order process
  6. Sign ‘Contract to Build’
  7. Cost breakdown, plans to appraiser, and construction lender
  8. Submit plans to architectural review committee
  9. Closing on construction loan and construction begins

“We felt very comfortable signing a Contract to Build with Brannen Design and Construction. The attention to detail reflected in his homes and to our desires assured us that we made the right choice for our future dream home.” – Bob and Sarah Raith


Team Brannen
Fort Collins home exterior built by Brannen Design & Construction
Custom home builder award

NAHB Nationals Silver Award

The Nationals 2014 Silver Award - Best One of a Kind Home

At the 2014 National Home Builders Show in Las Vegas, Brannen Design and Construction won the Silver Award for Best One of a Kind Home for their entry of a beautiful custom home they built in Harmony Golf Club in Timnath, Colorado. This award is given to only a very few homes each year throughout North America.

Brannen Design and Construction in Fort Collins, Colorado was very proud to partner with KGA Architectural Studios of Boulder to receive this prestigious home builder award. The custom home was an artfully crafted Old Tuscan Villa style Home situated on a bluff overlooking the mountains and the golf course in Timnath, complete with a resort style pool and outdoor living. Brannen Design and Construction Inc. and Jay Brannen can be reached at (970)-988-0238